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Tenant Checks in California

California Background Check on Tenants for Landlords, a must.

Choose tenants wisely by performing a full background check on your aspiring tenant. You have every right to fulfill this procedure because it is backed up not only by the laws of California but also by federal law.

Types of California Background Check on Tenants

There are numerous background checks to be performed on applicants in California. The most common are as follow:

Criminal Background Check

You do not wish to have a tenant that has a criminal record associated with violence and drugs. This would bring you unwanted problems, especially in terms of maintaining the peace and order of your apartment. Unfortunately, tenants with criminal records will seldom inform you of their dark past.

The best thing to do is hire someone who will do the relevant search for you.

Income Background Check

You are allowed by law to verify the income of your applicant. This will help ease your mind of worrying if the tenant has enough funds to pay for the monthly rental fees. If you see that the tenant will have a hard time fulfilling the financial obligations associated with renting your property, then you are at liberty to deny their request.

Credit Background Check

Aside from income verification, performing credit background check will also help you evaluate the paying capacity of the tenant. You may look into their credit bill paying habit and if they have a negative credit history then it is most likely they may act the same when renting for your property.

Keep your property secured. Perform the necessary background check today and find honest tenants who will take care of your property while they rest its premise.


Tenant Background Check California | Get a background check in CA | California Background Checks