The first step in protecting your rental property is doing a thorough tenant background check of every applicant.


A Tenant Background Check means no more bounced checks and bad renters.

Perform a Tenant Background Check now

A Tenant Background check should include:


  • FBI Background - Criminal History Record
  • Credit Report with FICO score
  • Aliases
  • Reported employment
  • Eviction Search
  • Sex Offender Search

Tenant Background Checks supply you with valuable information entitled to you by law.


In today's mobile society it is increasingly important to know who is occupying your business and residential property. Occupants come and go and they frequently offer far too little information about themselves and their past and present employment. Tenant Background Checks can help.


Firms that do tenant background checks have access to records in county courthouses and databases in various states that contain information on those convicted or charged with felony, misdemeanor, or criminal act.

Upon receiving a request from a client, the firm researches the county records of the individual’s place of residence.  The information required for initiating a search includes the first, middle, and last names, social security number, date of birth, and county of residence. The results can be obtained from county, state, and federal resources. 



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