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First step to finding a person is simply to search Google in the search box below. Try typing in the name several ways, "Joe Blow" , "Blow, Joe". Then try a possible location: "John Hanson"+Norway. This search bar is a regular Google search bar - you can search on anything.

There are many more steps you can take to find a person.


Try public records where you can search for free, or use one of the many public background check companies. You can hire private investigators to do the often tedious people searches for you.


There are a number of reputable firms offering people finder services. These services often simply link to other databases but can be effective in at least finding out of the name exists.

Keep in mind that common names will often return a large list of possible matches.

Of course, the phone directories such as White Pages, SWITCHBOARD and AnyWho and other online phone directories will often work. When you are looking for someone - try the free, simple methods before you spend any money.

Many people finder services will let you type in a name, and if the service has the name in the database - they ask for money. Make sure you deal with a reputable company. Check the BBB and the internet for any complaints against them.

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